Welcome, This page is being created as a tribute to Curt Hansen's life and music. Curt is a little known but much appreciated bass player from Westfield, NJ. Having grown up in the post hippy era Curt decided to embark on a great adventure, traveling across the country and busking on the streets to make a living. With no other goal in mind than to live a full llife through music he found himself in many places and many situations. Eventually, after a Belgian entrepreneur promised him a better scene for musicians in Europe, he took the plunge and put all his money into a one way ticket for him and his home made bass. While in Europe he grew in popularity releasing several albums, being feature on the radio and television. He also met his wife, Evelyne. When faced with the choice of being a popular musician and being a good father or husband, Curt chose the latter. Nevertheless his music continues to stand the test ot time. It is now available here for your full listening pleasure. Sit back, turn it up, and enjoy.